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Corporate Catering and Events

Your Corporate Event Partner

Since 2001 we have removed the need for your staff to invest their time on events. No longer do you need a committee investing hours—you have us. As we work with your organization, we constantly learn more about your facilities, likes and dislikes, staff, and how you function.

It takes one call to us, and we handle the rest. It’s truly like having additional staff without adding to your payroll. Allow us to cater, plan, and help execute your meetings, conferences, and employee events. And let’s do it on the budget you desire. Each detail is so important, and the food and theme of your event will set the perfect tone.

Ready to Check Catering Off Your To-Do?

Corporate Cafes & Vending

(Common side effects include higher workplace satisfaction, general cheeriness, and occasionally increased productivity)

Dine In or Out to Lunch

Corporate Café services are a great way to keep your staff efficient and close to work. We host many corporate cafés, offering breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack or vending services right inside your building. If you are seeking a corporate café that your staff will look at as an employee benefit rather than the only option close by, look no further.

DBD provides custom-tailored corporate café services and vending to fit the DNA and needs of your staff. Currently providing service to call centers, office environments, manufacturing, educational and religious organizations, we are seeking others desiring an amazing offering to their team members at a price point that each individual can afford daily. Let us take you on a tour through one of our operations and see how we can fulfill your every need.

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